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Emily Moorefield Mariola

Emily Moorefield Mariola is the founder of Flex Yoga Wooster and is a certified Yoga Instructor through Amazing Yoga Studios of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and a certified Aerial Yoga Instructor through the Destin Pilates Center in Florida.  Emily also completed additional aerial training at the Boulder Circus Center with Aircat Aerial Arts.  Emily took her first yoga class in 2004 and has been hooked ever since. Originally a competitive runner, Emily uses her understanding of competitive athletics and awareness of physical capabilities to enhance her yoga practice as well as her teaching.

Emily teaches a Power Vinyasa Flow style of yoga that integrates the physical poses (or asanas) with the breath (or pranayama) in a fluid and powerful way. Although many find a yoga practice to fulfill their exercise regime, Emily believes it is also the best supplement for the competitive athlete, those looking for “the edge”, and for those interested in restoring balance and flexibility in a more gentle practice. The emotional benefits of a consistent yoga practice can equal (and often exceed) the physical benefits of yoga, and the instructors at Flex Yoga are committed to carefully guide all students to work within their limits. Emily’s goal is that Flex Yoga can be a space where all people can find and experience the emotional and physical benefits of yoga. Very young to very old, very fit to not fit at all, yoga can bring softness, flexibility, balance and strength to the body and the mind.

With a strong commitment to continue and enhance her yoga education Emily has taken additional teacher trainings and workshops from some of the best yoga instructors in the country, including: Karen and Sean Conley, Kathryn Budig, Bryan Kest, and Doug Swenson.

A potter by trade, Emily has found yoga creeping into her art more and more these days. Emily and her husband Mike live on a farm just south of Wooster with their four free-range children: Ian, Vincy, Annie and Mia.