Class Prices Class Prices – Flex Yoga Studios

The pricing below is for weekly classes: Yoga, Aerial, and Barre.

Classes not included in this pricing structure: Ashtanga and Mini Yogi

All passes may be used at our Orrville and Wooster Locations.

First Time Visitors

First time visitors can choose from one of the following unlimited options upon their first visit to the studio.

One Week Unlimited: $10

One Month Unlimited: $45

Three Months Unlimited: $200 (only available for purchase through January 31, 2020)

Drop In

Single Session Drop In: $10

College Student (with ID) Drop In: $10 (cannot be purchased online)

Class Packs

5 Drop In Sessions: $45 

10 Drop In Sessions: $80

Unlimited Month Memberships

One Month Unlimited: $80

College Student (with ID) One Month Unlimited: $45

Three Month Unlimited: $225

Six Month Unlimited: $450

One Year Unlimited: $840

Unlimited Month Membership Monthly Automatic Renewal

Three Month Unlimited: $75/month

Six Month Unlimited: $75/month

One Year Unlimited: $70/month

Mini Yogi

Drop In: $6

6 Drop In Sessions: $36


Ashtanga Pricing


Private Lessons and Classes Pricing


Flex Wellness Pricing




*There are no refunds on classes, class packages, boutique items, or gift cards. There are no client transfers on class purchases. Single Session class purchases are available for use up to one year from their purchase date. Limited Session Packages (5/10 class packs) expire one year after your first attendance date and can be activated up to a year after the purchase date. Unlimited Packages will activate upon your first attendance and be available for activation up to one year after the purchase date. Workshops and Teacher Trainings are non-refundable.