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Our mantra at Flex Yoga says “Yoga for Everyone” and that includes Kids! We have a unique set of classes running year round suited for different age levels. This includes yoga and aerial yoga. If you would like a private aerial yoga or yoga workshop for your sports team, class, or group, just give us a call! Check out our schedule page to see what’s happening this week for kids!


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MINI YOGI: Requirements and Description


Tired of trying to practice at home with children climbing all over you as soon as the mat is rolled out? They want to practice too! This toddler class is linked up with our Thursday, Friday, and Sunday morning Vinyasa Flow and Hot Power Vinyasa Flow classes so moms, dads and caregivers can enjoy their practice separately from their children. It is a fun introduction to yoga for your little ones. This class is mostly free play that gives your child a chance to explore, discover and move in a safe environment, which is vital to their emotional, social, and physical development. 10-15 minutes of the class is teacher led yoga including age appropriate physical and mindfulness exercises. Children will act out animals, sing songs, practice breathing exercises, and more. Ages 2 – 6

Mini Yogi Requirements

  • * Please bring your child fed and dry, we cannot change diapers or take them to the restroom.
  • * Parents/Guardians will be required to have their cell phone on silent beside their mat so they can be notified if: your child is inconsolable for more than 10 minutes, they need to use the restroom, or they need a diaper change.
  • * This class is paired with a regularly scheduled yoga class for adults so Parents/Guardians can take a class while their child attends their own class. Parents/Guardians must be on site during Mini Yogi times.
  • * No food, snacks or juices. Water in a bottle or sippy cup is encouraged.
  • * Any children with visible signs of sickness will not be permitted.
  • * Drop off is offered 5 min. before each class and pickup is required by 10 min. after the end of each class.
  • * Parents/Guardians are welcome to stay for their child’s first visit to the Mini Yogi class to help them settle into the environment, although it is not required.

This class will introduce your child to yoga in a fun and inviting way that challenges their creativity. They will play games, participate in engaging mindfulness exercises, and learn different poses to help them gain strength and self confidence.


Kids Aerial is the perfect class for ALL kids: they will learn to build strength and control in the body and concentration in the mind as they swing and hang in the Aerial Silks. Kids will leave tired and happy~ they won’t even realize they have done a workout! This class is also excellent for the young athlete who would like to increase arm and core strength. Recommended age is 6-15. Parents of children under 8 years old will be required to stay at the studio for class. Parents of children over 8 years old are welcome to stay in the studio for the class but it is not required.

Aerial Dress Code:
Fitted, stretchy leggings or yoga pants that cover the backs of your knees as well as shirts with short or long sleeves that cover your armpits will offer the most comfort in the silks especially for those new to aerial yoga. Men may want to wear leggings under athletic shorts. No shoes or socks in the silks. No jewelry. Long hair should be pulled back so it doesn’t get caught in the silk or impair vision while upside down.