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This is a moderately paced class where students will continue to build strength and flexibility through a series of postures. The sequences will build from basic to complex, and students are encouraged to modify poses based on their own abilities. Some yoga experience is encouraged but not required, and the instructor will give detailed verbal cues to assist you.

This is a donation-based class. Packages can be used or any donation amount given to attend.

The focus of the Beginning Basics class is to provide a foundation for Vinyasa Flow classes. You will learn the basics of each pose while building strength and flexibility at a slower and steadier pace. Alignment and breathing are important in this class, and the instructor will provide detailed verbal cues to help you find modifications that work best with your own body. Beginner Basics will prepare you to explore other classes and styles at the studio. Although this class is geared towards beginners, those with experience can also benefit from revisiting the basic principles of yoga flow and breathwork. Our Beginning Basics classes on Mon. at 5:30pm and Wed. at 6:15pm are in the Blue Room, our smaller studio, so make sure you sign up ahead of time from our SCHEDULE PAGE to reserve your spot. Feel free to email us at if you have any questions about the class or signing up online.
Our hot classes are held in a studio heated to 85 degrees by use of infrared heat panels that are fixed to the ceiling. The use of heat increases your flexibility allowing you to move through your practice more freely. Heated environments increase your pulse rate and metabolism and coupled with the vinyasa style postures creates an ideal environment for detoxification of the body as well as increased blood flow to the limbs.

Be sure to bring lots of water to stay hydrated throughout the practice. And if the intense heat isn’t for you; the panels are located towards the front of the studio so the back row is always a few degrees cooler. All of the hot classes will be labeled as such on the schedule.


Give yourself just 30 minutes to tune in with the self. This all levels class will help you refine your meditation skills to be able to focus your mind energy both on and off the mat. Learn how to settle in and deepen your meditation with light movement and body alignment, mantras and breathing techniques. Classes are Kundalini based as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

MINI YOGI: Requirements and Description


Tired of trying to practice at home with children climbing all over you as soon as the mat is rolled out? They want to practice too! This toddler class is linked up with our Thursday, Friday, and Sunday morning Vinyasa Flow and Hot Power Vinyasa Flow classes so moms, dads and caregivers can enjoy their practice separately from their children. It is a fun introduction to yoga for your little ones. This class is mostly free play that gives your child a chance to explore, discover and move in a safe environment, which is vital to their emotional, social, and physical development. 10-15 minutes of the class is teacher led yoga including age appropriate physical and mindfulness exercises. Children will act out animals, sing songs, practice breathing exercises, and more. Ages 2 – 6.

Mini Yogi Requirements

  • * Please bring your child fed and dry, we cannot change diapers or take them to the restroom.
  • * Parents/Guardians will be required to have their cell phone on silent beside their mat so they can be notified if: your child is inconsolable for more than 10 minutes, they need to use the restroom, or they need a diaper change.
  • * This class is paired with a regularly scheduled yoga class for adults so Parents/Guardians can take a class while their child attends their own class. Parents/Guardians must be on site during Mini Yogi times.
  • * No food, snacks or juices. Water in a bottle or sippy cup is encouraged.
  • * Any children with visible signs of sickness will not be permitted.
  • * Drop off is offered 5 min. before each class and pickup is required by 10 min. after the end of each class.
  • * Parents/Guardians are welcome to stay for their child’s first visit to the Mini Yogi class to help them settle into the environment, although it is not required.
A focus on breath will help you travel through a challenging sequence of asanas that will create a fire within, leaving you feeling energized and fantastic. Inversions, backbends, and arm balances may show up in these classes, although each yogi is encouraged to move safely with intention and control. The Power Vinyasa Flow will revitalize your practice as you strengthen and awaken the body, mind and spirit.
Our Relaxation Yoga class at Flex is specifically designed to help students quiet the mind and rejuvenate the body. Class will begin with breath work as we set ourselves apart from the stressful pace of the day. A gentle flow will then be followed by deep stretches and relaxation poses that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face the week ahead.

This heated 45 minute flow will focus on using static holds to create slow progressive sequences. This will be perfect for those looking for a heated class that builds strength, stability and internal heat with longer breath cycles rather than faster movements.

Do you think yoga is a “woman’s sport?” Are you out of shape, stiff, not flexible? Are you still curious about yoga? What is all the fuss? This class is for you! While it is aimed at men, women are of course also welcome. The class is built on various vinyasa yoga poses, longer holds, and slower movement between poses. The focus will be on correct alignment and foundation, as well as on the use of props, such as blocks, straps, and bolsters. These are to be understood not as ‘crutches’, but as tools to encourage your body into the right position and hold. The use of props are the building blocks that will allow your body to gradually open into twists, bends, or folds on its own. The 60-minute session includes a short, meditative grounding accompanied by Ujjayi breathing. This breath happens through the nose with slight constriction of the throat and sounds like a whisper, feeling like the breath is coming from inside of your body, instead of through the nose. Learning and practicing this breathing technique encourages a focus inward, a lengthening and straightening of the ribcage and core that also relaxes through its rhythmic repetition. As students grow into the practice, they will learn to join the breath with their movements through the poses. This breathing helps students find strength and deepening in holding longer poses.

Vinyasa is literally translated from Sanskrit to mean “connection”. In terms of yoga asana, or poses, we can interpret this as a connection between movement (asanas) and breath (pranayama). These classes are designed to help each yogi begin to find a deeper connection to their body and their breath as they begin to build heat in their vinyasa flow and find their own personal edge in each pose.
Yin Yoga is a slow flow style of yoga targeting the ‘Yin’ tissues of the body.  These include the joints, connective and deep tissues within the body.  Poses in this style are held for longer periods of time, ranging anywhere from 2-5 minutes.  Poses are paired with supportive devices such as bolsters, cork blocks, straps and blankets.  This allows the body to relax into the pose and be supported throughout the experience. Yin Yoga is practiced in a non-heated space, permitting the body to build its own fire.

In this “yin -ish” style class we will work on holding traditional and non-traditional Yin poses for 3 to 5 minutes (sometimes longer.)Through these holds we will build strength and stamina, allowing time for alignment, concentration on breath and physical mental sensations, and constantly recommitting ourselves to our anchor.

Join us in a special flow geared to runners to help stretch out hips and legs. Heart Openers will be included to help structure more efficient breathing. 
Yoga Sculpt combines Vinyasa Yoga with weights choreographed to fun, upbeat music. A huge benefit of Yoga Sculpt classes is that it provides an opportunity for both the beginner and advanced student to strengthen specific muscles needed to have a strong and safe yoga practice. This class will offer you the option to increase or decrease the amount of weight you use. You may even choose to do this class without any weights at all. The incorporation of Savanasa at the closing of class will grant you the opportunity to tune inward; restoring and revitalizing the mind, body, and spirit. 

Ashtanga Yoga

Follow Andy VanDeusen through a led half primary series, the first part of the sequence taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Led class helps establish proper vinyasa count in an individual’s practice. It also builds bodily and mindful strength through surrender to the teacher’s count and connection to traditional lineage. It is recommended to begin with the Mysore practice before coming to led classes, but all are welcome.

As with tradition, we do not practice on Moon Days (full and new moons). There will be no Ashtanga classes on those days.

*The Ashtanga program at Flex is a separate pricing structure from our other classes.

The Mysore style of yoga instruction welcomes anyone looking to deepen their practice in body and mind, from beginner to experienced yogi. Students new to the practice will receive more attention, but as one’s familiarity increases, independence increases as the need for assistance decreases. Students receive individual guidance and progress at their own pace, adding new postures as they are ready. Please expect your first practices to be short, but know you and the sequence will grow together. Practice runs for three hours, but you are not required or expected to be there for the whole time. These flexible hours allow you to show up when it is right for you and stay just for the length of your practice.

As with tradition, we do not practice on Moon Days (full and new moons). There will be no Ashtanga classes on those days.

*The Ashtanga program at Flex is a separate pricing structure from our other classes.

Pilates & Yoga

Inferno Hot Pilates
This high intensity, low impact interval training workout will have you sweating and smiling! A HIIT workout done to upbeat, funky & fun music uses Pilates principles and intervals to challenge strength and endurance. Performed on a yoga mat in a heated room, this energizing class is healthy for your joints and seriously strengthens the core and glutes. Most importantly, this class is FUN!

Aerial Yoga



Aerial Dress Code:
Fitted, stretchy leggings or yoga pants that cover the backs of your knees as well as shirts with short or long sleeves that cover your armpits will offer the most comfort in the silks especially for those new to aerial yoga. Men may want to wear leggings under athletic shorts. No shoes or socks in the silks. No jewelry. Long hair should be pulled back so it doesn’t get caught in the silk or impair vision while upside down.


As with any fitness modality, some soreness and stiffness is normal for new and experienced aerial students. Movements with the aerial yoga hammocks may utilize different muscles than you are used to. If at any time you experience pain, rather than mild discomfort, STOP. Your instructor can provide modifications or you can sit out of any movement at any time.

Friction between the body and the silk sometimes causes some irritation or “silk burn.” This is normal for aerial students. Wearing appropriate clothing is key to reducing silk burn.

Always check with your doctor before starting a new fitness practice. People with any of the following conditions should not practice in the aerial yoga hammocks.

Very high or very low blood pressure
Easy onset vertigo or propensity for dizziness or fainting
Recent surgery
Uncompensated congestive heart failure
Heart disease
Osteoporosis, or bone weakness
Recent head injury or cerebral sclerosis
Artificial hips
Carpal tunnel syndrome or severe arthritis
Sinusitis or head cold
Recent stroke
Hiatal hernia or spinal instability
Eye or inner ear problems
Botox injections (within 6 hours)
Persons receiving anticoagulants or aspirin therapy
Persons taking any medications that can cause dizziness, light headedness, propensity for fainting, or extreme fatigue


Want to try flying? In this beginner-level class, students will learn basic grips and wraps, and explore foundational tricks and inversions in the aerial yoga hammock while building strength and flexibility. Intended for beginners as well as those who might like to revisit or reinforce foundational aerial moves, Aerial Basics will help you build the knowledge, strength, and flexibility required for more challenging aerial classes. This class is a prerequisite to Aerial Fit and Aerial Flight.
Our aerial yoga class creates a space for fun and engaging movements to help you use the silks to build strength, flexibility, and learn some fun skills and tricks. Class will offer some flexibility to tune the movements to the attendees for the day. Some previous experience in the silks will be helpful but all are welcome.

Kids Aerial is the perfect class for ALL kids: they will learn to build strength and control in the body and concentration in the mind as they swing and hang in the Aerial Silks. Kids will leave tired and happy~ they won’t even realize they have done a workout! This class is also excellent for the young athlete who would like to increase arm and core strength. Recommended age is 6-15. Parents of children under 8 years old will be required to stay at the studio for class. Parents of children over 8 years old are welcome to stay in the studio for the class but it is not required.

Aerial Dress Code:
Fitted, stretchy leggings or yoga pants that cover the backs of your knees as well as shirts with short or long sleeves that cover your armpits will offer the most comfort in the silks especially for those new to aerial yoga. Men may want to wear leggings under athletic shorts. No shoes or socks in the silks. No jewelry. Long hair should be pulled back so it doesn’t get caught in the silk or impair vision while upside down.


If you’re new to Barre or need a refresher in form and modifications, this class will provide you with a foundation to really benefit from Barre class.
Effectively strengthen and tone the entire body. This pilates based and ballet inspired class will focus on form and technique to perform movements that emphasize proper alignment to ensure muscles work correctly. BarreFLEX will use resistance exercises to target the core, arms, glutes and legs including movements that promote flexibility to build long, lean muscles.