FAQ FAQ – Flex Yoga Studios
What if I'm too scared to take my first yoga class?
It can be very intimidating to take your first class.  Don’t worry!  Our Beginning Basics classes are designed with you in mind;  you will be offered variations and modifications for all the poses so you can work at your own pace.  There will be other new students in class along with those who have just recently begun their yoga journey, as well as a few students  who have been practicing for awhile.  Remember to listen to your own body, yoga is non-competitive (and that makes it really awesome)!  Initially you may be sore after class, but you will soon grow strong.  Yoga students are generally incredibly supportive of one another, you won’t feel “new” for long!
What should I wear?
Wear loose fitting (not too baggy) comfortable clothing that stretches and keeps you dry.  You do NOT have to have clothing designed specifically for yoga- being comfortable is most important.
Do I need a yoga mat?
Just bring your body and a willingness to learn!  We have everything you will need.  There are plenty of blocks, mats, straps and towels available for you to borrow.  If you have your own mat you are welcome to bring it, but it isn’t necessary.
How often do I need to attend class?
Like anything in life, the more you practice the better you get.  Initially, you may take a single class per week, but you will quickly build the strength to add a session or two.  Mental clarity, balance, strength, and flexibility are the sweet rewards of dedicating yourself to a consistent practice.

In short,  relax and have fun.
Yoga is a gift to your body and mind.  Stay positive and you will soon see and feel changes from the work you have done!  The instructors and fellow students are there to support you.

“Enjoy the process and the results will come.”